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Instrument repair and rehairing

In our workshop, including service-related works ( new bridgespegssound technology settings, etc.), we are commissioned until complete restoration.

In the case of instruments made in the past centuries, the different methods of construction and varnishing of musical instruments have to be taken into account. In all cases, it is assumed that while maintaining a valuable instrument while maintaining the original condition, the most important task is to continue to use safe and comfortable.

Darius Music classic instrument repair
Darius Music classic instrument repair

Repair and service are carried out by our qualified staff, while the restorations are carried out by well-trained and experienced masters.

Emphasizing the ethical aspects of the instrument maker: the varnishing of the instruments cannot change, the original parts must be retained!

Orsolya Kiss violin maker

Orsolya Kiss

violin maker

Sándor Radics bow maker

Sándor Radics

bow maker

Zoltán Délczeg, vilon maker expert

Zoltán Délczeg

violin maker expert

We also undertake major repairs of violin, viola, cello and double-bass bows.

Additional instrument repair services:

Bow rehairing, bone replacement, silvering etc.

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Classical instrument repair

String instrument repair – Our reference works:

Fine insturments repair:

Violin by A. Stradivari, violin by A & R.Gagliano, violin by P.Guarneri (Venice), violin by J.B.Ceruti, cello of D.Montagnana, cello of L.Panormo, violin by A.Bellosio, violin by Michel Deconet Ph.S. Bernardel cello, Nemessányi Sámuel violin, J.B. Violin Schweitzer, violin by János Tóth, violin by Maximilian Frirsz, violin by Béla Szepessy, Mihály Reményi violin, so on. A number of known master and student voices have been improved.

Fine bows repair:

Sartory , E. Ouchard, A.Lamy,A.Vigneron, F.Peccatte, August Edwin Prager, Adolf Thoma, H. R. Pfretzschner ca.1880., H. R. Pfretzschner, E. R. K. Neudorfer, Grandini , Heinz Dölling, Wilhelm August Pfretzschner, Otto Dürrschmidt, E. Lothar Herrmann, Gustav Adolf Prager, Günter Paulus, Ernst W. Zöphel

String instrument bow repair
String instrument bow repair