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Valuation & certification of string instruments

Dárius Music Instruments sale and purchase - judicial expert
Zoltán Délczeg violin maker and expert

Studied at the Béla Bartók Conservatory and then graduated as a trombone artist-teacher at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. He played in the Opera House and the Symphony Orchestra of the Hungarian Radio.

He founded the Darius Music shop in 1992, and studied violin making and received a diploma at the Budapest Violinmaking School.

He is a judicial expert for Hungarian symphony orchestras and Hungarian courts.

From the 16th century to the present, the diversity of master instruments, which are now in use (or not used), can be measured in terms of talentability and their position in the hierarchy of the violinmakers.

Dárius Music Instruments sale and purchase - judicial expert

We would like to draw the attention of our dear customers to the fact that the market value is largely determined by the quality, origin (originality) and condition of the given instrument.

distinction should therefore be made between the so-called antique instruments!

There is a significant difference in elaboration and value between a master violin and a manufacture violin.

Do you have questions about the origins of your instrument or bow? Do you want to sell or find out more about it?

An expert opinion may also be given in person or in written form.

About the consultation

The fee for professional counseling and valuation can be determined by the value of the instrument. Determining the age of the instrument, the relevance of the brand, and the status survey are then defined by determining the sales or insurance value.

Expert fee

The expert fee usually ranges between 3.000-15.000 HUF.

Duration of the consultation

The consultation takes about 30 minutes.

Expert opinion in writing form

expert opinion on stringed instruments

In the case of higher-value masterpieces, it is worth asking the certificate in written form.

By producing a certificate of originality, the sale of musical instruments becomes easier. The issued certificate contains a detailed description of the instrument, with the name of the maker and with the notes on the instrument as well as 3 photos.

Contact us for advice and expert opinion request!

Zoltán Délczeg – judicial expert of stringed instruments