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are waiting for their customers with a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos, double-basses, bows and all kind of accessories!

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Darius Music Shop

Large selection of fine instruments

String instruments are available for artists at all levels. Visit Rare instruments menu.

Darius Music Shop


We provide helpful suggestions to our customers’ needs.

Darius Music Shop

Good atmosphere

Customers find a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable sales area and a separate rehearsal room in our shop.

Darius Music Shop

Refreshing offers

Our stocks are constantly updated, the latest products are always available in our shop.

Darius Music Shop


Skillful and quick service are waiting for you in our shop.

Darius Music Shop

Good traffic, central location

Close to the Music Academy and the State Opera House, in the heart of Budapest.

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Wide selection of classical instruments and accessories!

Rare master instruments

Take a look at our fine old instruments collection and Darius workshop instruments!

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Double basses

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